Covid cases increasing in Wichita County

Health department officials say there’s no cause for concern.
Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 7:17 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - A drop in temperatures this time of year also seems to come with a rise in illnesses. It is officially flu and covid season. Covid cases specifically are up in wichita county.

With over 200 new cases just this month. While that number may seem concerning following a high number of deaths and hospitalizations in years past. Brandi smith, assistant director at the wichita falls, wichita county health department is hoping to ease any fears. She said while they anticipate the number of covid cases to keep going up, they also expect to see a decrease in severity with those that test positive.

“We’ve seen the severity decrease over several years if someone has covid and then they have a cough, runny nose or fever for 2 or three days. Versus difficulty breathing shortness of breath and hospitalization that would be a more severe case,” smith said.

This week the cdc approved an updated Covid 19 booster vaccine that will be available in the coming weeks.

This spike in cases mostly has to do with school being back in session. Keri goins, executive director at child care partners said they’re taking steps to prepare for the spike.

“We want to be sure and make sure that things to spread through the centers so one of the things we do is monitor very closely when kids come in, their health. Child care licensing requires a lot of cleaning and making sure that everything is sanitized,” goins said.

Since the pandemic, goins said they’ve been more attentive when it comes to illnesses especially during this time of the year.

“We pay a little closer attention to those signs and symptoms and things because we learned during covid that things can move very fast through a class room,” goins said.

Flu vaccines for children and adults are available at the health department immunization clinic located at 1700 third street. Click here for more information and when the updated covid vaccine will be available.