WFISD continues to wait on T.E.A performance scores

Published: Sep. 18, 2023 at 10:43 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Texas Education Agency has again delayed the announcement of performance scores for school districts.

The Texas Education Code requires the T.E.A to have this data ready by August 15, but have yet to provide school districts with the information.

“The commissioner of education Mike Morath released a statement saying that there going to pushback the release of the ratings even further” WFISD Superintendent, Dr. Donny Lee said.

“They were supposed to be released next week, well they were actually supposed to be released by August 15 but then they pushed it back to the end of September and now he has announced that they will not be released until at least the end of October” Dr. Lee said.

These scores help school districts better prepare for the upcoming school year and help plan instruction for struggling students.

The delay puts districts behind even more on what they can do to get ready for the future.

For WFISD, schools like Kirby Middle School still have uncertain futures due to their STARR test scores still not being available.

“Kirby is in improvement required and they’re in there fifth year, and if we do not get out that domino effect goes into T.E.A intervention. So, we either close Kirby or the board of trustees will be taking over with a board of managers. That’s a huge decision they have pushed off again” Dr. Lee said.

60 other counties in Texas have already filed a lawsuit against the T.E.A and WFISD are weighing their options on if they should join.

The School Board Trustees will discuss this decision more in October during closed session.