MSU Texas encouraging students to take advantage of college prep tests

Published: Oct. 16, 2023 at 5:44 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - The COVID-19 Pandemic changed the standard for students when it comes to taking the SAT and ACT for college admission.

Currently, some universities have continued to make the requirement to take these tests an option for incoming freshmen; including MSU Texas.

Experts on college readiness tests share that although these tests are optional, they could be important for your student’s future.

Although they may be optional, MSU still wants to encourage students to take a swing at these tests, and it still proves to the campus that they have what it takes.

”Students who score very well on those tests, that does indicate that this is a very strong academic student, and I think that any University would be happy for any student to be interested in their university and MSU is no different.” Interim Associate VP of Enrollment for MSU Michael Mills said.

For students that are still taking these prep exams preparing is key.

”Maybe considering one of those private sectors, prep courses, and preparing with the PSAT prep courses.” Mills recommended.

”SAT and ACT have all kinds of online equipment they can use online steady test, online test themselves they can take. If it’s a math question they’ll work it out in detail so the student can see that. If it’s an English question they are going to talk about this is the noun this is the verb they have to agree.” Retired educator Rosie Flanigian explained.

The expectation of the University hasn’t changed adjusting the standard.

”That does mean just because the sat act has been removed that we’ve changed the caliber of students. It just means we’re getting it a different way, now it’s either their class rank or GPA.” Mills said.

High scores on college prep exams could mean academic awards.

”Those tests are so important for scholarships, I never knew how important it was until my son took the test.” Flanigian shared.

”But the scores are still used for certain scholarships, and so it’s a way for students to earn scholarships, and for students to meet the TSI requirements.” Mills said.

If students are successful on the SAT or ACT it could replace the requirements for the TSI assessment.

”Depending on their score in the different areas of that test could make them exempt for the TSI.” Mills said.

Finding your student a tutor, getting a good breakfast, and rereading the question could be the recipe for success.

”Once students can taste success the more they can succeed.” Flanigian said.

Mills recommended students get ahead of finding the nearest testing sites and dates to take full advantage of getting potential awards and even expectations on standard testing.