Knowing the District 5 candidate: Steve Jackson and Tom Taylor

Published: Oct. 19, 2023 at 7:00 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Two men threw their hat in the ring to represent District 5 on the Wichita Falls City Council.

Incumbent Steve Jackson and longtime Wichitan Tom Taylor plan to improve the area if elected.

Steve Jackson wants to increase safety and transportation in the community.

Tom Taylor wants to look for ways to increase the population and improve the local economy.

“I’ve been pretty vocal, I try to do what my constituents want me to do. I’ve done several things in the community to help.” Jackson said.

”I have an open ear people can open up to me they talk to me I walk down the street, and people just hey chief how are you doing.” Taylor said.

On November 7, District 5 residents will decide who will represent them on City Council.

“I have had three new bus shelters put in covered bus shelters, and I’m still working with the director of transportation.” Jackson shared.

Incumbent Steve Jackson said serving another term means continuing to improve transportation.

“Repaving Iowa Park Road, widening it was adding bicycle lanes, and I had to ask for lighting because the lighting is really bad,” Jackson said.

“Some of the members on the city council are not energized some of them don’t want to see any improvements or advancements,” Taylor said.

If elected, Tom Taylor said one of his top priorities will be improving the local economy.

“We have some industries but not enough to provide good paying jobs to broaden the tax base, so we don’t have to pay as much property taxes. Representative of various industries look to move their business here, and that’s kind of what they see and they’re not crazy about that and that turns them away.” Taylor explained.

Both candidates are retired Air Force Veterans, and helping the community is a top priority.

“During the storm, we had a lot of trees down I had some widow ladies in the city view area that could afford to have their trees removed, so a friend of mine brought over his equipment and we trimmed those trees and hauled them off for them,” Jackson said.

“This is a great city and I love it I wasn’t born a Wichitan if you will, but I got here as fast as the Air Force would bring me and this is home for us and this is my hometown,” Taylor said.