Texas voters vote to pass majority of state proposistions

2023 General Election results for Texoma
2023 General Election results for Texoma(KAUZ)
Published: Nov. 8, 2023 at 3:39 PM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - In addition to the various local elections across Texoma, voters voted on 14 constitutional amendments, choosing to pass most of them.

State Proposition 1

State Proposition 1 is the amendment protecting the right to engage in farming, ranching, timber production, horticulture, and wildlife management.

The amendment aims to protect a person’s right to engage in agricultural, horticultural, or wildlife management practices on property a person owns or leases. The amendment does not prevent the Texas government from regulating the above practices, nor does it prohibit the government from acting to prevent a danger to animal or crop health.

Additionally, the amendment allows the government to act to preserve or conserve natural resources and acquire property for public use.

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State Proposition 2

State Proposition 2 is the amendment authorizing a local option exemption from ad valorem taxation by a county or municipality of all or part of the appraised value of real property used to operate a child-care facility.

The amendment allows counties or municipalities to exempt child-care facilities from taxation based on all or part of their appraised real-estate value. Facilities exempt from tax receive their exemption as a percentage of the property’s appraised value, which is not to equal less than 50 percent.

The amendment also allows counties and municipalities to define what constitutes a child-care facility under the law.

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State Proposition 3

State Proposition 3 is the amendment prohibiting the imposition of an individual wealth or net worth tax, including a tax on the difference between the assets and liabilities of an individual or family.

The amendment prohibits the state government from implementing a tax based on an individual or family’s wealth or net worth, including the difference between their assets and liabilities as individuals or a family.

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State Proposition 4

State Proposition 4 is the amendment to authorize the legislature to establish a temporary limit on the maximum appraised value of real property other than a residence homestead for ad valorem tax purposes; to increase the amount of the exemption from ad valorem taxation by a school district applicable to residence homesteads from $40,000 to $100,000; to adjust the amount of the limitation on school district ad valorem taxes imposed on the residence homesteads of the elderly or disabled to reflect increases in certain exemption amounts; to except certain appropriations to pay for ad valorem tax relief from the constitutional limitation on the rate of growth of appropriations; and to authorize the legislature to provide for a four-year term of office for a member of the board of directors of certain appraisal districts.

The amendment’s purpose is to modify the tax code to increase the mandatory homestead exemption for properties that pay into public education from $40,000 to $100,000. It also adjusts the limit of ad valorem taxes on properties owned by the elderly or disabled.

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State Proposition 5

State Proposition 5 is the amendment relating to the Texas University Fund, which provides funding to certain institutions of higher education to achieve national prominence as major research universities and drive the state economy.

Its purpose is to redesignate the national research university fund as the Texas University Fund (TUF) and appropriate money from the economic stabilization fund to the TUF.

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State Proposition 6

State Proposition 6 is the amendment creating the Texas water fund to assist in financing water projects in this state.

Its purpose is to create a special water fund outside the general treasury fund that finances water projects in the state. The Texas Water Development Board would allocate the funds for use.

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State Proposition 7

State Proposition 7 is the amendment providing for the creation of the Texas energy fund to support the construction, maintenance, modernization, and operation of electric generating facilities.

Like Proposition 7, the amendment seeks to provide funds administered by the Public Utility Commission of Texas to state energy projects outside the general revenue. The fund aims to provide money to incentivize the construction or maintenance of electric-generating facilities.

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State Proposition 8

State Proposition 8 is the amendment creating the broadband infrastructure fund to expand high-speed broadband access and assist in the financing of connectivity projects.

Its purpose is to provide special funding, administered by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, outside the general revenue to expand access or adopt broadband telecommunication services throughout the state.

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State Proposition 9

State Proposition 9 is the amendment authorizing the 88th Legislature to provide a cost-of-living adjustment to certain annuitants of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

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State Proposition 10

State Proposition 10 is the amendment to authorize the legislature to exempt from ad valorem taxation equipment or inventory held by a manufacturer of medical or biomedical products to protect the Texas healthcare network and strengthen our medical supply chain.

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State Proposition 11

State Proposition 11 is the amendment authorizing the legislature to permit conservation and reclamation districts in El Paso County to issue bonds supported by ad valorem taxes to fund the development and maintenance of parks and recreational facilities.

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State Proposition 12

State Proposition 12 is the amendment providing for the abolition of the office of county treasurer in Galveston County.

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State Proposition 13

State Proposition 13 is the amendment to increase the mandatory age of retirement for state justices and judges.

The Texas Constitution requires justices and judges to retire between 70 and 75 years old.

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State Proposition 14

State Proposition 14 is the amendment providing for the creation of the centennial parks conservation fund to be used for the creation and improvement of state parks.

Its purpose is to establish a fund outside of the state treasury that provides money for creating and improving state parks.

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As of November 7, these results are unofficial totals. Stick with News Channel 6 as the final results are announced.