Clay County time capsule deadline

Published: Nov. 15, 2023 at 8:00 PM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - Back in 1973, Clay County residents filled up a time capsule with photos, letters, and other trinkets that were opened up earlier this year. Judge Mike Campbell wants to keep the tradition alive.

“It’s rare that you get the opportunity to talk to someone 50 years down the road,” said Judge Mike Campbell of Clay County.

So, he’s urging residents to jump on this opportunity.

“It’s literally talking to the future, and as we look back at what was left before us, how exciting that was to get to see a glimpse, and the life of 1973,” said Judge Campbell.

Imagine leaving a heartfelt letter to someone you haven’t met yet. That’s what one Clay County couple is doing through a time capsule for their great-grandchildren. They’re carrying a time capsule family tradition that dates back to 1973.

“His mom has written this and at that point had no grandchildren, nobody that she wrote the letter to and put in the time capsule. We at least know who our grandchildren are, but we don’t know who our great-grandchildren are. So, it was really fun to put ourselves in her place,” said Marjorie Parker.

Judge Campbell is writing a letter to the county in the year 2073, giving whoever opens it words of encouragement and insight.

“If someone is here to open that time capsule. They have made it. So, they’re already there. So, let’s encourage them to go for the next 50 and be of good faith,” said Judge Campbell.

For the Parkers, they want to send their family a snippet of what’s inside the letter.

“How important it is to give your life to Christ and live the way he said to live. So that was something that was important in our letter. How important integrity and family and roots are,” said Marjorie.