Children’s Aid Society of West Texas seeking toy donations for Christmas season

Published: Nov. 20, 2023 at 4:00 PM CST|Updated: Nov. 20, 2023 at 6:31 PM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - The Children’s Aid Society of West Texas is seeking donations for the Christmas season.

For more than a century, the community has been the foundation for young people under the care of the Children’s Aid Society in Wichita Falls.

The shelter wants to remind the community no matter how small the contribution is, every donation helps make a difference in each of those kids’ lives.

“That one gift makes a huge impact on the agency and the life of the kiddos. We were built on private donations, and so we rely on and appreciate community support.” Executive Director for the nonprofit Shelia Craton said.

The organization is looking for items like Barbie dolls, board games, and fan favorites like sensory toys and Legos.

“It’s a hard time to be away from your family. We like things that will keep us busy and toys and activities, not just on Christmas day, but through the Christmas break.” Program Director Lisa Choate expressed.

The shelter cares for more than 300 kids a year, with ages ranging anywhere between 18 months to 17 years old, and needs in the facility are consistent.

“All of the time that the kids come through the shelter, they usually come with the clothes on their back and that’s it. So we’re replacing all of their clothing, all of their toys, all of their school supplies. So, if you count 300 plus children, especially with our door-drop children that’s a lot of children that we care for.” Craton said.

“Also, sometimes the donations that we don’t use at Christmas time, carry us through the rest of the year,” Choate said.

Many of the children in the shelter have gotten used to receiving a gift, but your donation could help change a child’s Christmas experience.

“We have kiddos who were told by people they trusted and loved that Santa doesn’t know where they live and can’t find them. So, when I have kids make a wish list and they say ‘It doesn’t matter if I make it because he’s not going to find me here’ and I say ‘Oh no, absolutely not, he has our phone number, and he’s been here every year and I guarantee you he’s going to show up, you’re going to have presents during Christmas time.” Catron said.

‘Tis the season for helping hands as well, the shelter is looking for people with great ‘chemis-tree’ with young people.

“We also need people who are creative, and who really want to make a difference in a kid, and so we are hiring full-time staff and we would love to have people come by.” Carton shared.

The shelter said any donation given is a treasure.

“So it’s not just going to be a gift in December, it’s going to be a gift that’s going to last us until 2024. So just one person giving, that one act of kindness is a huge impact on nonprofits on this community and especially our agency ” Catron shared.

They have released their wishlist and are accepting donations until December 20.

”Donations can be dropped off at the Children’s Aid Society of West Texas Inc. building, located at 1101 30th St #1111 in Wichita Falls.

Items requested are for all age levels. Their full wishlist can be found here.

Help the Children’s Aid Society make Christmas better for those in need.