Alex Carrion

Multimedia Journalist

Alex is Texas through and through! He was born in Houston raised in Tyler, and got his BA in broadcasting communications from UT Arlington -- Go Mavs! Because he spent summers and weekends in Houston, but grew up in Tyler, he likes to say he's just as country as he is city.

In addition to being a former college basketball player and a die-hard Houston Rockets fan, Alex loves all things music. His favorite artists include Drake, Sauce Walka and Rick Astley. He's also a huge sneaker-head and has well over 30 pairs.

While Alex loves visual storytelling and news, he's got a few tricks up his sleeve. He actually went to stunt school in Seattle where he practiced everything from "high falls" to being lit on fire. Yes, actual fire. He's also acted in a few TV shows, such as "Murder Made Me Famous" and "Queen of the South."

In his spare time, Alex likes to hang out with his Frenchie, Chapo.