Avery Ikeda

Assistant News Director
Avery Ikeda

Avery Ikeda has worked almost every job in the news department, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

She's currently the assistant news director at KSWO 7News, leading the newsroom's day-to-day operations.

Avery got her start at KAUZ News Channel 6, joining the station as a digital producer in August 2021 before being promoted to assignment editor in February of the next year. While her official job was developing story content and coordinating the team, she continued her work with digital, producing and shooting breaking news until being pulled to help lead sister station KSWO in September.

Born and raised in California, Avery's loved getting to know Texas and Oklahoma. Her sources sometimes joke she's been adopted by both states.

Avery's focus has always been accurate but engaging storytelling and making news accessible to the community. Feel free to drop her a line with feedback, a story idea, or just to say hi.