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  Consecutive triple digit days likely

  About as nice as Texoma weather can be in July

Hit and miss thunderstorms possible Thursday afternoon, evening

  This combination of heat and humidity should be taken seriously

  Oppressive combination of heat & humidity today, Wednesday

  Hottest week of the year so far, thunderstorm chances linger

  Slight rain chances remain as temperatures climb next few days

  South winds deliver hot afternoon temperatures into the weekend

  The summer’s heat a guarantee with a stray thunderstorm possible

  Aside from a stray shower, summer weather prevails

  The weekend offers a lot of sunshine for outdoor plans

  Temperatures grow hotter next few days

  Fairly sunny, quiet weather between now and the weekend

  South winds drive temps to the 90s Tuesday afternoon

  Monday’s forecast offers a break from the 90s, stray evening storms

  Hot & Windy Friday. Severe storms possible this weekend

  Temperatures soar to near 100 degrees later this week

  Few strong storms Tuesday afternoon and evening

  Chance of nighttime, morning storms remains in this week’s forecast

  Father’s Day weekend will be a hot one, storm chances remain

Pleasant weather expected Wednesday afternoon

  Wednesday might begin with rain on the radar

  We’re still benefiting from Sunday’s cold front

  Slight rain chances remain in weekend forecast

  Nice weather for Thursday then slight rain chances return

  Severe weather threat slowing moving east this afternoon

  Isolated Severe storms possible Tuesday evening

  Thunderstorm chances get better by midweek

  We’ll be watching for strong storms Friday night

  Every day brings gusty winds, warm temps and a chance of thunderstorms