WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - A program giving people with unique business dreams a place to get started, named its finalists.

I.D.E.A. WF helps local entrepreneurs gain a better understanding of how to build or even start a business through friendly competition.

Finalist spoke on the impact this program has on their business.

Residents in Wichita, Clay, and Archer County were welcomed in to compete, now there are currently six finalists in the running to get a cash prize in the I.D.E.A. WF challenge.

Although being the breadwinner of this competition is the ultimate prize everyone is anticipating; contestants shared having in-depth training is the prize everyone will walk away with.

”There are people around town who want to see you succeed. We’re not just competing with each other we’re one with each other. We’re a community, so it really does help you know that you have someone to lean on if you really need to.” Owner of Krave Kayla Alley shared.

A program providing a golden opportunity for small businesses to reach their full potential.

”It kind of is a roadmap to let them know what are the steps that I need to do. And over the last few years, we’ve really turned it into a mini-course on how to run your business.” Coordinator of I.D.E.A. WF Jeannie Hilbers explained.

Finalist Leslie Alley Co-owner of Alley-Alley Business Services, LLC said the course allowed her to survey the gray areas within her business.

“It made me make projections, and look at what I need to do with my business to help it grow. So, it really is really beneficial for that.” Leslie said.

Assisting entrepreneurs also helps give our area a boost.

”What that does is it creates jobs in the local economy, and it’s also bringing revenue into the local economy.” Hilbers said.

Snookie’s Craft Kitchen is another finalist, the restaurant opened its doors a week ago, and the owner says winning the money could mean early expansion.

”We have a space in the back of the building, we’re just using it for storage right now. But it can be turned into an expansion to our kitchen to support the catering business.” Co-owner of Snookie’s Craft Kitchen Pedro Cruz said.

A round total of $50,000 has been collected to be awarded.

”Well, that is local businesses and people that just love small business, and just are a fan of small business. And made donations and give 100 percent of that money as prize money.” Hilbers stated.

18-year-old Kayla Alley revealed learning business fundamentals early will help her business soar.

”This program actually taught me how to run the business, how to price things, how to market things. Learning how to promote your products easily for people to access it is something I’ve learned.” Kayla said.

Hilbers revealed that the cash prize could be split to go toward multiple businesses, which has not yet been determined.

October 18 is the big day when the prizewinners will be announced at a luncheon on MSU’s campus.

Be sure to stick with News Channel 6 to know who takes home the top prize.