Waurika Store Manager In Stable Condition

We have new information on a supermarket stabbing in Waurika.

The store manager, who was stabbed multiple times, is now listed in stable condition at United Regional.

Officers say two men walked into the Delberts Supermarket last Thursday.

Police say one of the men had a confrontation with the manager in the back of the store.

Kenji Hannsen, 20, is accused of stabbing the manager several times.

He then left the store.

Brandon Burke, 26, bought some items and then left.

Both Hannsen and Burke were arrested within minutes of leaving the store.

Hannsen faces charges of Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon.

Burke is charged with Public Intoxication and Unlawful Carrying of Weapon while under the Influence.

Investigators have not established a motive.