Halloween Hidden Dangers

Trick or treaters will be out on Halloween going door to door with their bags wide open, ready for candy. But what's even more frightening than scary costumes is the reality that lurks behind some doors.

When children think of Halloween, it's all about the treats.

"Candy! Candy! I like candy!" exclaimed Chase and Miles McHugh.

For parents it's more than just a day for kids to dress up.

"I always think we need to keep a close watch on our kids. We need to make sure we're telling our kids not to go off with strangers or talk with strangers," said mother Lori McHugh.

One thing that's relieved her is knowing sex offenders on parole will be locked up.

"It makes me feel better not so much worried about my kids cause like I said we keep a pretty good eye on them but I know there's a lot of kids who's parents give them a little more independence," said McHugh.

According to the Wichita County Adult Probation Office sex offenders on parole in Wichita County will meet at an undisclosed location with a parole officer from 5pm until 10pm on Halloween. Those on probation will be kept under close watch from law enforcement, an effort to keep them off the streets while ghosts and goblins roam the streets.

"Parents can also take a proactive measure on the Texas Department of Public Safety's website you can track sex offenders in your area or download a sex offender tracking app on your smart phone.

"I'm very conscientious to keep an eye on my kids and make sure they're right with us," said Lori McHugh.

DPS lists Wichita County as having 197 registered sex offenders, click here to find that information or here to download a sex offender tracking application.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.