Haz-Mat Spill, Fender Bender Slow Central Freeway

Traffic was slowed down Thursday afternoon on Central Freeway. A hazardous materials spill shut down a lane and caused traffic to be backed up.

Around 2:20 p.m., a semi truck was traveling southbound on the freeway. The driver told officials a truck in front of him kicked up a piece of steel, that punctured the saddle tank of the semi.

About 40 gallons of diesel fuel were spilled. "There was a 6-inch gash in his saddle tank. He lost about 40 gallons of diesel, but it was spread pretty thin for a mile or more from where it started. It just affected one lane, until he pulled over to the Seymour Highway exit ramp. There's a drain area there, so we had to stop the flow. The city hauled sand in and put absorbent on it, and the fuel was spread really thin so it evaporated pretty quickly," said Wichita Falls Fire Department Battalion Chief Donald Hughes.

Hughes said there was no threat of fire or explosion.

A few minutes later, about ¼ to ½ a mile south, three vehicles were involved in a minor accident. A black four door Saturn was smashed between two pickup trucks. "I was driving, and suddenly there was gravel and sand coming out of the truck in front of me. I tried to swerve and stop, but I would up crashing," said the driver of the black car.

Traffic was slowed down for at least a mile as crews worked to clear the scene. The pickups were able to drive off on their own, the Saturn was towed away.

Wichita Falls Fire crews were on the scene assisting. That scene cleared up around 4:00 p.m.

Paul Harrop and Saul Williams contributed to this report