Community Healthcare Going Digital

It's the end of paper and the start of power, as one Texoma Healthcare clinic goes digital.

The Community Healthcare Center is in the process of going paperless. All medical records have been computerized for about a month, with plans to do the same for dental and radiology records.

The center's Executive Director, Phyllis Hiraki said, "Electronic health records is really about improved quality, care, and improved communication between departments, between physicians and their patents between physicians and physicians and even outside of our organization. It's all about just really improving the care and the quality the patients get."

The Community Healthcare Center has been working to go digital for years, and staff started their training on the new system several months ago.

"They have had a lot of training enough to make them understand the program, enough for us to be able to service our patients well."

One doctor we spoke with said there's been a few bumps along the way.

"Since we've just gone live on this we have some issues we are working out getting used to everything. Once we work all that out its going to be great."

In the long run, the new system will make doctors jobs easier and patients care better.

"It will help In terms of your notes and your orders being clear and concise and being able to have everything in one place."

Ellen Hodgkins is a patient at the Community Healthcare Center, she and her husband said they're excited for the new system.  "Everything else is going high tech you know so why not the places where you go to get your medication and medical stuff and all that?"

Another patient told us "It's great. It's just updated like a big city feel. It makes it a lot easier for everybody."

We did ask what happens to all the old paper documents. Hiraki said the center is required to keep paper records for some time.  When it is time to dispose of the records, it will be done in the proper manner.

Funding for the $750,000 project came from fundraising and donations to the Center.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6