Josh Hamilton Photobomb!

"Everyone's going to be jealous, because all my friends are Rangers fans," Alyson McIlvanie said.

That's one of the thoughts that crept through the minds of three girls from Iowa Park after Jon Dressler showed them a picture on his camera.

"Sure enough, he was in the picture," Dressler said "I thought the girls are going to love this."

Dressler took his daughter Amber to Saturday's Rangers game against Oakland as a birthday gift. He took two of her close friends as well, Sarah Lehman and Alyson McIlvanie, as a graduation gift to the pair of girls.

The group of four arrived at the ballpark early and decided to take pictures. They made their way down to the dugout to take a photo with the Rangers logo in the background. As the girls posed for pics, Dressler yelled "Hey Josh!"

The girls all turned around. Josh was Rangers star Josh Hamilton.

"We were just like, star struck," Lehman said.

Dressler said he didn't even see Hamilton when he took the pictures. He checked his camera LCD and called the girls over.

Everyone was thrilled.

"I was just thinking how amazing it was that he was in the background of our picture because we all love him," Amber Dressler said. "He's Josh Hamilton!"

The photobomb has spread. The Rangers' Facebook page re-posted the photo. As of late Sunday night, the photo has more than 19,000 likes, 800 comments and 600 shares.

But the photo means the most to the foursome from Iowa Park.

"This is our last summer together. We're going our separate ways," McIlvanie said. "To spend that one day and have that happen, it made it great. That day could not have gone any better."