Museum Day Brings Hundreds Downtown

Hundreds of people flocked to downtown Wichita Falls for the Museum Day Stroll'n Roll.

Nine historic and artistic locations opened their doors for free, for the public to enjoy the culture of the city.

"That's one of the things we really like to see being accomplished, is get kids out and get them interested in some of the museums and fine arts entities we have here in town and hopefully that develops a lifelong interest in that," said Museum Coalition Volunteer Michael Smith.

The Hotter'N Hell Clubhouse was a new addition to the list of locations this year. It was remodeled this year and although thousands of people participate in the annual race, many don't know about the clubhouse.

"They don't know that we have all this cool art work and we have some statues, and we just wanted to share it to let everyone know that we're here trying to preserve this part of Wichita Falls' history," said Volunteer Sandy Monson.

The Stroll'N Roll not only impacts the sites that are showcased in event, but it also brings business downtown.

"Downtown in Wichita Falls is sometimes a forgotten part of our town and this event gets people back into downtown and lets them see, lets them walk, lets them experience downtown Wichita Falls," said Smith.