Team of the Week: City View

Pigs and mud, salt and pepper, shoes and socks...all classic combinations, but on Friday night in Texoma, it's all about football and food.  Nowhere is this more evident than at a City View Mustangs home game.

Steve Patterson, President of the Mustang Athletic Booster Club started his Friday at 10 a.m. with brisket and prep work for his famous Mustang Burger. He said, "The Mustang Burger is a combination of 2 patties with 2-3 different cheeses and then it's topped with bacon, jalapeños and onions all sautéed together."

Fans and boosters we spoke with had a hard time deciding between the burger and the other hot seller: The Stang Nachos. Just like the burger, these nachos are loaded with 2 layers of cheese, onion, sour cream and thick chunks of brisket.

No matter what he's cooking, Patterson says being out by the field before the game helps get everyone fired up. He said, "These kids are all pumped up and all of us guys out here cooking get pumped up when they come walking by. We're high fifing them, slapping them on the shoulder pads. I bleed the blue just like here kids do."

In addition to being mouth wateringly good each food sale helps funnel money back into Mustang Athletics. Booster Treasurer Melissa Echols said, "One of the things we got for this year was a kicking net for our field goal kicker. It was $400 they didn't have in their budget but we at least had it in our budget. We could go and buy it for them so they would have it for him to be able to practice a little more."

So, next time you're looking for a meal on Friday night, look no further than City View. Unfortunately you're out of luck next week as the Mustangs will be on the road, but on November 9th they host Alvord in their regular season finale. Stop by the grill and say hello, enjoy some authentic Texas tailgate and help fund high school sports.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6