One Year Anniversary of Disappearance of Candice Shields

Candice Shields a young mother from Graham went missing one year ago Monday. Monday evening dozens of people came to remember her and bring attention to her disappearance once again with a candlelight vigil.

Candice was 20 and three months pregnant when she disappeared. She left behind her family and her young son Christopher who is now 2.5 years-old.

It's been a long year for her family. Everyday they wake up waiting for that call that she is alive but that hasn't come, still it doesn't mean they've given up hope.   

There's a lot of pictures that fill the living room of Candice's grandfather's home. Her brown locks are tucked behind her ear and she's always smiling with those beautiful green eyes. Her mother hopes that right at this moment she's still doing that.

"If she is out there I hope she is safe and someone is either protecting her, helping her
or guiding her," said Mother, Michelle Quillin.

Candice went missing the night of December 10, 2011. They know she left the house on her own and went out the back door. What happened after that still remains a mystery.

"It's been hard but I pray each and every day for her."

The day before she disappeared her family says she received a threat from a coworker. Police checked into that and nothing panned out. Weeks before she disappeared Candice had talked to her family and friends wondering how they would feel if she left. That's what makes them think she still may be out there, alive.

"If she left on her own to be by herself or with somebody if she would just let us know," said grandfather, Johnny Salinas.

"Candice if there is a way that you could get ahold of us and let us know you are safe," said mother Michelle Quillin.

Her mother's desperation to see her child again keep their search efforts strong.

The Graham Police Department has followed several tips over the course of the past year. They've checked into all of them, but nothing has led them to her. If you have any information please contact the department at (940) 549-1212 or call the anonymous tip line at CUE CENTER for Missing Person's at 910-232-1687.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.