Lake Wichita Study

Lake Wichita Study

If you've been to Lake Wichita lately you'll notice it's drying up.

The study commission councilors established in May continues to meet once a month to talk about the best options for the Lake.

On Tuesday we got an update from the Chairman of the Commission, Steve Garner.  Garner said they are looking for ways to provide recreational opportunities.

They are looking at bringing back more boating, fishing, beaches, and are even exploring the options of economic development along the lake.  Garner explained the public's input is very important.

"If City Council decides to move forward, it's going to take everyone to get involved," Garner said.

He added it's definitely a long range project, but they are pushing along.

On Wednesday representatives will be welcomed to take a look at the Lake and help figure out what is needed to be done and how long it will take.

If you would like to give any suggestions send them an e-mail.