Text Your Tip to Crime Stoppers

Law enforcement officers often rely on tips from the public to help solve a crime. But calling isn't the only way you can send in a tip. Texomans now have the option of texting a tip to Crime Stoppers.

"It's safe and secure. We can't track your phone or know where you're calling from. It's anonymous and it keeps everyone safe. We're just trying to get it out there for everyone" said Officer Joseph Robeson, WFPD Crime Stoppers Coordinator.

The reason why Crime Stoppers started this tip off was to make it easier for younger children and students to get involved.

According to Officer Robeson, "kids now and days and the younger generations text more than they talk on the phone. So this allows us them to contact us just with a text."

All you have to do is text in your tip to the number 274637. But this isn't the only helpful feature. If you see a crime, you can take a picture and insert it in the text. Officers will be able to receive that picture along with the text. Upon receiving the tip officers can then respond immediately and text back and forth with you to gather more information.

Crime Stoppers have already started receiving numerous tip texts in the last 3 weeks since the texting service was started. This method will still keep your identity anonymous. Awards will still be offered to those who help solve a crime.

If you still prefer to call in a tip, call Crime Stoppers at (940) 322-9888 or visit their website at http://wfcrime.com .

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.