What's Your Limit?

Published: Mar. 10, 2014 at 11:25 PM CDT
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Spring Break is already underway for many schools in Texoma, which also happens to be a time when many are out drinking.

“The Emergency Department here at the Community Healthcare Center definitely sees a high number of alcohol related injuries and other problems associated with alcohol during Spring Break,” said Nurse Practitioner at Community Healthcare Center, Eva Pratt.

The effects drinking alcohol has on a person's body like liver damage, heart problems and changes in moods and behaviors are known, but many don’t know what their alcohol intake limit is.

“People should be aware of how they feel.  The body usually tells you if you’ve been drinking too much,” said Pratt.

Whenever you drink alcohol, about 20-percent of the alcohol enters your blood stream.  Many people don't realize they have had too much to drink until after the fact.

“Sometimes you may not even realize that you have passed the legal limit.  Alcohol affects our cognitive functions and we're not able to tell what is happening within our bodies," said Pratt.

Once alcohol begins to affect your brain, it slowly, slows down your cognitive functions.

“Alcohol affects your brain and it causes impaired judgment.  Usually when you’re sitting and drinking you don’t feel the effects immediately.  However, when you stand up or start moving around, you then realize what is happening," said Pratt.

The amount of alcohol does affect everyone differently, but after one drink, you can start to feel the effects.  After 2 drinks, your blood alcohol level will become elevated.

“It depends on if you are a woman or a man.  Usually men are able to drink a little more than women before they feel the effects of alcohol.  Moving on to 3 and 4 drinks just in a short period of time can definitely lead to elevated blood alcohol levels," said Pratt.

Regardless of Spring Break, Eva Pratt has a message for everyone whenever they are out drinking.

“We try to encourage everybody that if you are out drinking you should have somebody with you who is designated to drive," said Pratt.

In addition to having a designated driver, Pratt encourages everyone to be safe and to remember that the drinking age is 21.

, Newschannel 6