From Grade School to Government

From Grade School to Government

Archer City High School Senior Kelvin Green is not your typical student. At 18 years old, he's getting ready to do more than just graduate, he's getting ready to be sworn in.

"The city wanted me in this position even though there was not an election," said Green.

Not one other Archer City resident aside from Green filed to run for the office, which meant Green would become the mayor by default.

"It's more or less a childhood dream. As it's gotten closer I've become more excited and I'm ready to take on the task for sure," said Green.

Archer City High School Economics Teacher Jeff Pirkle said that Green is a great student. Even though Green is only 18-years-old Pirkle said he happy to see him want to give back and serve the community of Archer City.

"I've Never obviously had a mayor in my class before as a student. I joke with him all the time you know telling him one of the first things he needs to do is give me a key to the city," said Pirkle.

Senior classmate Tyler Scrogum said that he has no doubts that Green is the right man for the job.

"It's really crazy, but actually I should have seen it coming, but if he sets his mind to it, he's going to do it," said Scrogum.

The two are more than just close friends, they are teammates. That's right on top of getting ready to become the next Archer City Mayor Green is also getting ready to make a run at a state baseball title. The team will play against Valley Mills at 7:30 the same day Green becomes mayor.

"I'm going to be sworn in at nine O' clock on Friday and be going to mineral wells at four O’ clock on Friday on the same day. It's just a different feeling," said Green.

Green said he's excited to begin his political career in his hometown of Archer City he can't wait will tomorrow.

"It's a good feeling too, it gives you something good to wake up about in the morning," said Green.

In eleven days Green will graduate, he said he's ready to make the transition from grade school to government.

, Newschannel 6