Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

June is National Men's Health month.

One in seven men will develop prostate cancer in his lifetime.

In Wichita County, prostate cancer is the second most common form of the cancer, behind lung cancer. The prostate can grow larger than normal and cause complications with urination and sexual performance.

Dr. Ken Ulrich works for Texas Oncology in Wichita Falls.

Dr. Ulrich said many men might not even know that they have the disease. There are many times that doctors are able to recognize the cancer, even when men don't show the physical symptoms.

"So that's the question that we really have is which prostate cancers are slow growing, or not real issues, versus those cancers that are aggressive and will cause the patient problems," said Dr. Ulrich.

Men between the ages of 45-60 are the most likely age group to develop the cancer.

It becomes more common as a man grows older. According to Dr. Ulrich, one in three men ages 80 and up will have had some form of prostate cancer.

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