Water Mystery Solved

The Temporary Water Reuse Project goes online and water customers experience problems.

On Wednesday after months of testing and approval by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the city of Wichita Falls Temporary Reuse Project went online.

Hours after the city kicked the switch on some residents in the Tanglewood subdivision began to see a change.

Dr. Praveen Reddy, a resident of Tanglewood came home after work, went into the kitchen to wash his hands and knew something was wrong right away.

He said the dirty water forced him to go out and buy bottled water for his home.

"It was kind of dirty, muddy, reddish looking," said Dr. Reddy."I thought it was some type of leakage for the water supply for the house. So I tried to call my plumber and he didn't pick up the phone."

Dr. Reddy said his first thought was "broken pipeline." He checked water faucets throughout his house.

Richard Warner, a resident of Tanglewood, experienced it too.

"I initially thought that maybe I had a water leak outside some place that was drawing dirty water from the main line," said Warner.

Russell Schreiber, Director of Public Works feared this might happen.

"We didn't know for sure and there wasn't a way to find out until we actually had cypress online," said Schreiber.

Schreiber said for the last eight months the City has been supplying water through the jasper water treatment plant.

He said once the lines opened from Cypress, the change of flow in the cast iron pipes caused sediment to mix into the water.

"It has nothing to do with the reuse water itself," said Schreiber. "It's the fact that the Cypress Plant is being brought back online and it's putting water into the distribution system."

Thursday afternoon public works crews were in the Tanglewood neighborhood flushing lines and taking samples of water to be tested.

Schreiber said he wants to ensure residents the water is safe.

"They don't need to be concerned. We are testing the reuse water extensively. We're still testing. When it leaves the plant we know that it is good water," said Schreiber.

However, Dr. Reddy said the waters return to its normal quality is still not enough to put him at ease.

"I'm still a little skeptical about using the water that's the reason we got this water," said Dr. Reddy.

Schreiber said as days go by and they increase the flow of water going into the water treatment plant there could be more of these occurrences.

The Public Works Department said it apologizes for the temporary inconvenience this may cause residents and businesses.

If you are experiencing problems with your water they ask that you call the water distribution center at (940)761-4333.

, Newschannel 6