Texoma Taste Test

Many Texomans are skeptical about drinking tap water since the temporary water reuse project went online.

So we wanted to put bottled water and tap water to the test.

We set up shop at Market Street and conducted a blind taste test study with shoppers.

Shoppers turned their backs as the water was poured into identical cups.  One had tap water in it and the other had bottled water in it.  Four out of five shoppers said they could taste the difference.

Even though one person couldn't tell the difference, he still said he wouldn't be drinking water from the tap. 

Another person said it was hard to tell the difference because it was cold and not room temperature.  However, he still felt the tap water tasted a little funny.  One person even said the tap water tasted like there was some dirt in it.

Other Texomans said they could smell the difference between tap and bottled water. 

Steve Bernhardt said, "Yeah, this one definitely smells musty and tastes nasty."

The temporary water reuse project uses five cleaning stages, including reverse osmosis.  City officials plan on starting a sixth step cost almost 1-million.