Texoma Woman Battling Rare Breast Cancer

Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is a rare and fast growing type of breast cancer.

Dr. Praveen Reddy with Texas Oncology in Wichita Falls said, “Initially, patients may think they have some type of skin infection.”

Unfortunately, it's not.  He said it sneaks up on patients quickly.

Dr. Reddy said it's not like typical breast cancer where you feel for lumps.  He said to look for redness and to feel if the breast is tender or painful to the touch.  If these are the symptoms you are experiencing, he said to go to the doctor.

He said IBC isn't common in a certain type of person.  Dr. Reddy said it can happen to anyone at anytime.  However, he said it typically happens with younger aged women, maybe premenopausal.  He said this is because it is more aggressive.

Dr. Reddy has been with Texas Oncology for 10 years.  He explained he has seen an increase in the number of EBC patients since getting there.  He said they see a new patient with IBC every three to four months.

Cheryl Roberts is a patient at Texas Oncology and is fighting for her life.  She was diagnosed with IBC on April 28


, 2014.  Even though she has cancer, Cheryl feels there is no reason to be down or depressed.

“He said, you know it is cancer you're looking at chemo and the words radiation came out of his mouth and I just kinda went, you know I'm going to lose my hair, but I'm not going to lose my life,” Roberts said.

Dr. Reddy has been working with Cheryl from the very beginning.  She thought about going to the Metroplex as soon as she was diagnosed, but decided to give Wichita Falls a chance.  Her family doctor recommended Dr. Reddy and it's a decision she has never regretted.

Roberts said, “We came up to the appointment and Doctor Reddy was just so comfortable.  I mean he made me feel so comfortable like he really, really cares.”

This was one of the reasons she decided to go with Texomas Oncology.  Another reason is her family.

“I have a 16-year-old that I want to see graduate and get married.  Have an 8-year-old grandson.  I have a great husband. Great family,” She said.

Her friends also motivate her to keep fighting.  One of them actually goes to each treatment with her.  Cheryl said having her there helps pass the time and she also makes her laugh.  Cheryl said all of the support makes a difference in her fight, but that doesn't stop her from having tough days.  However, Cheryl has the same attitude every morning.

“You just get up, get dressed, go out and face the world,” she said.

Dr. Reddy said having a good lifestyle will significantly decrease your chance of getting breast cancer.  He also said, getting an annual mammogram is very important.  Early detection can save a life.

, Newschannel 6