Wichita Falls, TX
 -  A new service is being offered in Wichita County and its goal is to help transform the lives of mothers pregnant with their first child. 

The Nurse-Family Partnership is a voluntary program that provides nurse home visitations to low income mothers.  

The program has been around for over 35 years and has been successful servicing families in 43 states and has patients in 32 counties in Texas. 

According to NFP statistics:

* 89 % of babies that are a part of the program are born full term 

* 91 % of babies are at a healthy weight

* 87 % of mothers initiate breast feeding 

* 93 % of children all received all recommended immunizations by 24 months 

Kay Sabine, a registered nurse at Community Healthcare Center believes the program has been so successful, because of the time they are able to spend educating expecting mothers. 

"This is about building a relationship between the nurse, the client and the baby,” said Sabine. 

The NFP team began working in Wichita County in late August and began seeing patients in October. Currently the program is servicing nine mothers, but can provide services for up to 100 families. 

It offers nurse home visitation services, education and counseling on health, behavioral and self-sufficiency issues. 

"We're able to provide them with an hour to an hour and a half every time that we go, to answer all those kinds of questions that doctors might not have time for," said Sabine. “Doctors offices are busy, they don't have time for long extended visits with their patients.”

Sabine said without these services some parents may go through a pregnancy alone, causing unneeded stress to themselves and their baby.

“A lot of times people that don't have the support that they need tend to miss prenatal visits, they don't eat properly, they might have some issues with smoking and that kind of thing that can lead to premature delivery," said Sabine. 

Any first-time pregnant mother, residing in Wichita County, is strongly encouraged to contact Community Healthcare Center at (940) 766-6306, Ext. 2125.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6