Freezing Rain Could Present Travel Problems Across Texoma

Wichita Falls, TX -

Once again Texomans woke up Friday morning to a wintry mess. This time, freezing rain may present slick spots and icy patches for drivers on their morning commute.

"What I would encourage people to do is if they don't need to get out then I would encourage them not to," said Sgt. Harold McClure, Public Information Officer, Wichita Falls Police Department. 

On Thursday, WFPD responded to numerous accidents, majority of them on bridges and overpasses. Sgt. McClure says to prevent that same problem drivers should make preparations prior to hitting the highway.

"Plan ahead, what I mean about planning ahead is if you're able to take an alternate route where you're able to avoid bridges and overpasses it will probably be wise to do that," said Sgt. McClure. "I would definitely encourage you to slow down, give yourself plenty of time to get to where you're going."

Driving Tips:

1) If you can, avoid all bridges and overpasses

2) Drive slower than the normal speed limit

3) Give yourself more time to stop when approaching a stop sign or intersection with signal

Police say if you are involved in an accident and you believe injuries or treat it as an emergency and call 911. 

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6