Bogus Bins In Wichita Falls

Bogus Bins In Wichita Falls

You see them all over the place. Some are pink some are blue. A lot of them say they donate a part of their profit to local charities, but we found out that simply may not be the case.

We are talking about donation bins for charities. Some are legit. Others are not. We found one for example that is pink and eye catching. On the side it says they are looking for clothing and shoes. If you read the bin you find it benefits charities that have little or nothing at all to do with Texoma. The pink one is actually run by a company out of Amarillo who is a "For Profit" business.

Then there are blue bins all over Wichita Falls. They are similar looking to Goodwill bins but, they are not.  The blue bins are run by World Wear Project. It's based in Dallas. It is a real company that says if a Wichita Falls DARE sticker is on the bin, then they get a portion of the donations. However, we set out to find the 18 bins in Wichita Falls the company lists on their website. Many are simply not there. We found 10. Not one of them had DARE stickers on them. The bins say they benefit local charities but, the question is, do they? Missy Beets with Goodwill of Southwest Oklahoma and North Texas sent us a statement saying:

"These "For Profit" companies are not located in Wichita Falls, nor do they have an office in the Wichita Falls area so they do not pay taxes and they do not employee any people in the area.  They simply come into the area, collect donations and take them back to Amarillo, Houston, Dallas, etc. without paying a penny."

So where do the items you put in these donation bins go? Beets says:

" Donations are sold to third-world countries, ground up and made into insulation for automobiles, and these are just a few examples.  These 'For Profit' companies make millions and even billions of dollars on these free items."

Not all the bins are bad. Goodwill and the Salvation Army use the bins as a way for you to donate easily. Goodwill officials told us that if you're not sure where to donate, call them. They have trucks and will come pick up your donation. It's all about knowing who you are giving to, and keeping it local.

We also learned that Wichita Falls City Officials are working at updating their ordinance to, at the very least, limit companies who do not have an office locally. They would not be allowed to place bins in the city. Stay with 6, we will continue to follow this story for you.

Chris Horgen, Newschannel 6