Hispanic Healthcare Numbers

Hispanic Healthcare Numbers

Since the Affordable Care Act's debut more Hispanics are insured this year than last year. According to Pew Research Poll, 10% more Hispanics have health insurance. The number of uninsured Hispanics dropped from 35-25% and continues to go down.

Karina Robb and Stephanie Knisley are Certified Application Counselors who work at Community Health Care Center in Wichita Falls.

"We help assist and enroll anyone that walks into our office in any way that we possibly can," said Kinsley.

That includes people who only speak Spanish speaking citizens.

"We have had a really good turnout a high number of people interested and coming in either seeking coverage and asking questions," said Robb.

So how many Spanish speaking people have come through CHCCWF?

"We don't track that information necessarily, but we have seen an increase of Hispanics that come in just because of word of mouth that we do have a translator," said Kinsley.

Talking to a Spanish translator does not translate into a difference in Service.

"I really don't see much of a difference when I assist them versus people who don't need a Spanish translator everybody is pretty much just concerned with the price of the monthly premiums the deductibles and same general questions," said Robb.

Kinsley said that even though the ACA has helped lower the rate of uninsured Hispanics undocumented immigrants unfortunately would still be banned from coverage.

Texas as a whole makes up 1/10th of the nations 9.9 million people who have signed up for eligibility.

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