Scout's Honor

Scout's Honor

Scout Leaders in Wichita Falls Troop 1 learned the true meaning of "Scout's Honor" this past Saturday.

The group was coming back from a camping trip when they stopped at Bill's Catfish in Waurika, Oklahoma on their way back to Wichita Falls. While inside a waitress came in calling for help regarding a motorcycle and car that had just crashed outside the restaurant.

"Some superficial wounds. We were afraid about the man who was driving so we did a neck brace and made sure he was secure before the ambulance came into take him. The ambulance did not do much after that, except pick him up," said Robert Henry, one of the many troop leaders for the scouts.

On Monday night local Texoma resident and U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry spoke with the young scouts and their leaders about the importance of lessons learned in Boy Scouts.

"It can have a huge impact on these kids these boys lives for the better and it's the kind of values we need more of in our society," said U.S. Congressman Mac Thronberry.

The Scout Troop 1 of Wichita Falls has been serving the community for 99 years, just shy of a century.

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