Texoma Boy Advances after Opting Out of STAAR Exam

A mother's hope for her child has come true.  After deciding to opt her child out of taking the STAAR exam for two years in elementary school, he has been promoted to junior high.

When Christy Wade's son was in the 4th grade, she decided to him out of the STAAR exam because of the pressures she believed put on him, her and his teachers.  This past school year, when her son was in the 5th grade, she decided to opt him out again.  5th grade is an exit level year, which means not taking the STAAR exam could keep a student from being promoted to the next grade.  Happily, this was not the case for Wade's son.

"I'm ecstatic.  It really proves that the children don't have to take this horrible test.  There shouldn't be this much stress put on them.  If they're putting forth the effort and making decent grades, there is no reason to hold them back, and the teachers know that," said Wade.

Wade's son is excited to be promoted to the 6th grade as well.  Wade found out the news on Tuesday.

"She [Wade's son's principal and teacher] said that his grades speak for themselves.  He is an A/B honor roll student and she saw no reason whatsoever to hold him back," said Wade.

Wade says she will continue to opt her son out of taking the STAAR exam.

"He's staying home,  I plan on fighting it all of the way up," she said.

Under Texas law, students in state public schools must complete 'end of coursework' exams in order to receive a high school diploma.

Newschannel 6 asked Wade about this and she said, I'm not opposed to them having to take an exit test, but I think that it should be based on the classes they've been taking and over the curriculum that the teachers have been teaching.  It shouldn't be this standardized everybody in the state take the same test".

Wade's daughter enters the 3rd grade this coming school year, which is a STAAR testing year.  She tells Newschannel 6 she plans to opt her out as well.

Wade has advice for parents who are considering to opt their child out of the STAAR exam like she did.

"You've got to do what's right for your child.  Don't let anybody bully you around; you've got to stand up.  If you know you're child is struggling and these tests are putting this amount of stress on them, stand up and tell them no," said Wade.

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Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6