Wind Farm Worries

Wind Farm Worries

Forrest Baldwin is part of a growing number of wind farm protesters in Clay County. A group under the name Clay County Against Wind Farms have started petitioning against any future construction of wind farms in their county.

"One of the things we are just asking for people to do is to just stop for a minute. Let's think about this, let's do some research and understand what the long term effects are going to be on our county," said Baldwin.

Clay County has created incentives for wind companies who put up turbines in hopes that it will pump millions into the County helping support the hospital and courthouse. In central Clay County just off Sanzenbacher Road you'll find Baldwins 7,000 acre cow ranch. Standing near his home looking southwest you can see some of the many turbines constructed for the Shannon Wind Farm, 14 miles away.

"That is one of the things that concerns people because if you have towers in your view shed that could lower your property values," said Baldwin.

The landowners who do allow the turbines to be constructed on their property are paid thousands of dollars by the wind companies to enter into multi-year agreements. Baldwin said that once the agreement ends the landowners, not the wind companies, are responsible for the turbines.

"That is another one of our concerns is this something we are going to have on the landscape for the next thirty forty fifty years or longer," said Baldwin.

Two more wind farms are said to be in the works, but no construction has begun. Baldwin encourages others in Clay County to check out the website for his group to learn more about their cause.

Clay County Against Wind Farms 

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6