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Published: Jan. 14, 2016 at 12:39 PM CST|Updated: Jun. 15, 2016 at 2:38 AM CDT
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It's a new year, but the same problems are plaguing the city of Electra. Tuesday night Electra City Councilors were  presented with a petition to remove Mayor Pam Ward from her seat. 

Just last month in December of 2015 Electra residents presented two other petitions calling for a recall of Commissioner Ricky Kelly and Kevin Byrd. Now Pam Ward could soon see her name added to the growing list of recalls. 

Previous Mayor Curtis Warner resigned as Mayor in May of 2015. The city still owed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Wichita County Sheriffs for patrolling Electra Streets during part of 2014 when there was no Police Chief for the town. Because Ward said that it was her time and experience as a commissioner for around 5 years that helped her be appointed Mayor Pro-tem in June, a little over six months ago.

"Where are we now? Well, now I have been recalled," said Ward.

The Electra Secretary must go through and verify that all signatures were made were from registered Electra residents. After the signatures have been verified Ward will have two options she can either deny the petition at the next commission meeting or accept it.

Ward said that she will accept the call for a recall once the signatures are verified, however Ward will still have the option to resign within 7 days after the petition is accepted by the commissioners. 

"It's a moot point my term is up in May. All this proves is that they are still mad and it will cost the city some more money," said Ward.

Steven Staley spoke with Newschannel6 in October when he first began to gather the petitions to recall certain city leaders. Ward believes that Staley and others in Electra are still angry with herself and commissioners for firing former Electra Police Chief Michael Hopkins in 2015. When asked why Hopkins needed to be let go Ward said it was what needed to be done. 

"Well, because we acted in the best interest of the city and her citizens and I cannot give you specifics," said Ward.

Staley declined to comment for this story but did say that he did not want to start a war of words through the media and news outlets. Staley remains firm that the lack of specifics is what partially drove him to push for a petition. Meanwhile, Ward see's the possibility of a recall election in May as a way of wasting money because her term ends around the same time. 

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