WFISD Places Teacher on Leave Following Incident

WFISD Places Teacher on Leave Following Incident

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A Wichita Falls ISD teacher is on administrative leave Friday following allegations that she duct taped students’ mouths shut.

 Officials with the district have released very few details, other than the investigation is pending. However, one mother is speaking out, saying she won't tolerate abuse by teachers.

“I received a phone call…explaining to me that he wanted to apologize in advance for what happened to my child.  That the teacher of the first grade had placed duct tape over the students’ mouth,” said Tamilyn Love, the mother of a first grade student.

She said it happened Thursday, and her daughter, October, had her mouth taped shut the entire school day.

“When she pulled the duct tape off, there was red all over a whole entire square of her (student’s) mouth,” said October Love, a first grader.

The tape was only removed for lunch and if students needed bathroom breaks, according to October. While Tamilyn wasn't given an explanation as to why the teacher placed duct tape on the children, her daughter answered without hesitation.

“It was because we were so loud that she put tape on our mouth,” said October Love.

“I was mortified,” said Tamilyn Love.  “I mean my daughter already, she's a first grader, she has a lot going on in her life, and to find out that she would have to go to school and would have to worry about abuse from a teacher, I mean it's a scary thought.”

The district responded to the allegations with the following statement: Administrators received details about the incident in question late yesterday afternoon. This morning, the teacher was placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation.

Love said she won't be happy until the teacher is gone.

“I'm a mother of four and my children have never  been so rowdy that I would put duct tape on their mouths. I would think that a teacher would be able to handle that situation,” said Love.

 Despite the outcome of the investigation, Love said her daughter will not return to a class that, that teacher is in. She hopes the teacher is asked to leave the district altogether.

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