Donate Life Texas

Donate Life Texas

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Organ donors give hope and life to thousands of people every day. By registering to become an organ, eye and tissue donor you can give the ultimate gift of life. More than 11,000 people are currently waiting for life-saving transplants in Texas.

Sally Hastings works at Southwest Transplant Alliance an organ procurement organization in Texas. She says they bridge the gap between potential lifesaving donors and people waiting. 20 people die every day in the U.S. while waiting.

Some of us may be hesitant to dwell upon our inevitable passing but when the time comes many feel that by registering as a donor they are taking a compassionate step. Lifting the burden of decision making off of family and loved ones during an emotional time. Hastings says being a donor doesn't affect your medical care. A medical professional's goal is to save lives. It also doesn't cost families anything or change funerals or viewing.

She says anyone can be a donor regardless of religion and registering to be an organ donor is quick and easy.

There are over 8.5 million registered donors in Texas, and almost 50 percent of the population in Wichita County are organ donors - something evident by the many lives saved in Wichita County.

Hastings says they've saved over 60 lives with 20 lifesaving donors over the last three years.

To register to be an organ donor go to their website.

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