The rat population is increasing in Wichita County

The rat population is increasing in Wichita County


Temperatures are about to cool down and for some Texomans and that may mean unwanted guests.

Wichita County Health officials say the rat population in Wichita County is on the rise and when it gets cold those revolting rodents want to be inside.

Experts say the major problem with rats right now is the amount of destruction they're causing.

“They are chewing holes in people’s houses. They're chewing bushes and the gardens. They're digging holes. They climb into the trees and are destructive to the trees. They can get onto your roof from the trees. They are just very destructive.”

Berend Bros. in Wichita Falls sells rat traps and poison.

“We've had a huge increase in rodenticide sales. The rats are not just in the country. It's Tangle wood - it's all over. The rodents have seemed to have a perfect breeding season because there are just enormous amounts of them.”

Experts say water brought the rats in droves. Ever since the drought ended and the rains came they have been increasing in Wichita County. The question is what can you do to get rid of them?

“What you can do themselves is deny the rodents food, shelter and water. If you're feeding squirrels or birds you’re actually feeding the rats as well.”

Wichita Falls resident Ron Pierce says he battles rats at home and at work. He says they actually ate out the wiring in his truck experts say rats bring germs and disease and destruction. They warn resident not to handle them.

“They've been getting up in closer quarters to people where before they tried to stay as field rats. But now they are in every place they can get. It's not going to do anything but get worse when the weather gets cooler.”

Some homeowners say they're concerned about the upcoming cold months and the possibility of more unwelcome guests.

“It is a losing battle. All you can do is try to maintain he population as best you can but they are always going to be out there.”

Officials say the rats use trees to get onto roofs then find a way into your attic or house. If you have overgrown bushes that are close to the ground they can hide there and dig holes and find make your home.

Experts say if you can't get the rats under control call a licensed pest control company.

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