National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - National Voter Registration Day is September 27 and the League of Women Voters in Wichita Falls is joining in on the celebration. They're hoping to help register thousands of  voters before election day, November 8.

The non partisan group is not telling people who to vote for at the ballot box, but they do want to make sure you're prepared ahead of time to make sure your vote counts. The LWV has helped hounds of voters become registered in previous elections. On National Election Day the goal is the same. This year's theme is "Vote It Counts."

"We don't have a goal we just want people to have an opportunity. That's what we are trying to do," said Kaye Holland, President of the League of Women Voters in Wichita Falls. 

Holland and her fellow LWV members are sending out information book marks, voter registration applications and even promoting websites that can guide voters on ways to become registered or check their registration status. Holland says potential voters can head to sites like, the Wichita County Clerks website, the Texas state run, and All of those websites have valuable voter registration information Texoman's can use. Holland wants to make sure potential voters have everything they need come October 11, the last day to register to vote. 

"None of it matters if the voter does not show up and vote," said Holland. 

The league is not just focused on the national election between Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican Nominee Donald Trump. Holland said that voters need to pay attention to local races which can make just as big of an impact on local everyday life. That's why the League of Women Voters is hosting a Candidate Forum on October 12. 

"You need to know who represents you. You need to know city and school board members. These people represent you and you need to have a say on who you want representing you," said Holland. 

While it's important to be informed on who you want to elect, it's just as important to make sure you're able to cast a ballot and make sure your vote will count.