WFISD files resolution to A-F school rating scale

WFISD files resolution to A-F school rating scale

WICHITA FALLS, TX - House Bill 2804, also known as the "A-F" accountability scale has been passed by Texas legislature, forcing all Texas public schools to be graded on an overall scale of performance.

Before that happens, districts in Texas are showing criticism.

Starting in less than 6 months, Texas will be the 17th state taking part in the accountability scale, but not before Wichita Falls Independent School District has filed a resolution to repeal the system, calling it inaccurate.

"I understand the A to F thing," said Dale Harvey, President of the WFISD Board of Trustees.  "I get accountability and I understand accountability.  However, there is a lot of information that we read and disseminate that shows that sometimes accountability does not necessarily increase performance."

The grade for each district will come from the annual STARR test.

Harvey said it's not fair for the state to view all districts in Texas the same.

"There's so many differences between districts and so many differences between students that make up those districts," said Harvey.  "It doesn't show who is doing well," said Harvey.  "It sure does show that there is a wide discrepancy on economic situation with the students we know that."

WFISD is not the only school not in favor of the new scale.

Superintendent for the Childress ISD, Rick Teran also has concerns.
"Our legislatures are messing with something that is going to impact public education for a long time to come," said Teran.  "I don't think in 10 to 15 years that it will be the same type of education we currently have."

In WFISD's proposal to repeal the grading system, they suggest letting the district self evaluate.

"We know our students better than anybody else," said Harvey.  "We know what we deal with every day.  If you have seven children in your house, they would all have a certain set of rules. I like that from an accountability stand point but how to accomplish their goals they must go separate ways."
There are 5 different domains that go into the grading of schools.  They are student achievement, student progress, closing the gaps, college readiness, and overall rating.