Woman finds lost dad on ancestry site, thought he was dead

Woman finds lost dad on ancestry site, thought he was dead

(CNN) – A woman who thought the father she'd never met was dead tracked him down through an ancestry website.

Krista Brian did a DNA test at ancestry.com.

"When my mom had me, she had a nervous breakdown," said Brian, who grew up in Sacramento, CA, spending her childhood bouncing from home to home.

She eventually asked about her heritage. Her aunt and uncle told her that her dad killed himself when she was an infant.

"They sat me down and they told me, you know what, you're Mexican," she said. "That's what your nationality is."

Not knowing who her father's family was, she decided at the age of 37 to find out for sure on Ancestry.com.

"You just basically do a cotton swab and send it to them," she said.

The results came back showing she's not Hispanic at all.

"I was shocked to find out I was African-American," she said.

The website put her in touch with a potential family member, who though thought she bore quite a resemblance to a man called Andrew Baker.

He was her father.

"I knew her mom in high school, then we got together after high school, and it was just a brief thing," he said.

But that "brief thing" brought words he never anticipated 37 years later, when he and Krista connected and confirmed their online findings with an independent lab.

"It came back that I am her father," he said. "Ninety-nine percent, her father."

She said it was the best Christmas present she could have possibly gotten.

She came to her dad's home in Florida in January, and they did the tourist thing: Disney World, Universal, as if they were trying to make up for lost time.

She also found out she had four siblings, three of whom live in Florida, the other lives in California. Krista found a sister who looks very much like her.

Father and daughter discovered they are connected by faith, as well.

"A huge passion of mine was to serve in a ministry," Krista said.

And that's what she and her father are doing now, in Florida.

"She's been such a blessing to our family," her father said. "She really has."

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