Science advocates take part in march for Science

Science advocates take part in march for Science

WICHITA FALLS, TX - A crowd of people, marching for a cause.

Saturday was a "March for Science" where people could come and express their view and concerns for the scientist community and where it is headed.

William Robertson is a biology professor at Vernon College in Wichita Falls and said the view of Science has shifted.

"The truth matters, knowledge matters," said Robertson.  "If we want improvements in medicine engineering, fuel, food, and other technologies science has to take a place in public discourse and we need more public discourse between scientist and women."

"Science always needs a voice," said Xandy Gilmore, a Biology professor at Vernon College.  "This is our job as stewards of the scientific community to help and to be there to talk to others and to represent what we preach."
"I want you know people to hear my voice that I think legislation to protect science is important and we should not threaten it," said Catie Robinson, coordinator of the march.

"I do not wish to see a time where this country is at the bottom of the scale of scientific research," said Joy Parsons, a member of the Sierra Club.

Roberta Sund has a degree in Biology and Chemistry.

She carries a sign that says "Science is the study of God's wonderful creation.  To deny Science is to deny God."

"People should be open minded and listen and believe what an educated scientist says above what someone who is uneducated tries to tell them," said Sund.

Robinson wants everyone to keep one message in mind.
"Science is something that should not be politicized," said Robinson.  "It's really important to just educate people on how science effects everyday life."

The Wichita Falls "March for Science" is just one of the nearly 500 marches going on across the globe Saturday.