Gun license fees will soon be more affordable

Gun license fees will soon be more affordable

It will soon be a lot cheaper to legally carry guns in the state of Texas. Lawmakers in the Texas Senate and House approved legislation that will lower the first-time gun license fee from $140 to $40.  Renewal fees will also be lowered from $70 to $40.

Jacksonville, Texas Republican Sen. Robert Nichols said that the bill would make it more affordable for Texans to exercise their second amendment rights. Gun owners and even gun instructors seem to be happy to know they'll be able to save more money in the future.

"There's a lot of people who say that one hundred and forty dollars is tough for them so they have to save up for it stuff like that...It'll give them an opportunity to go ahead and defend themselves," said John Coblenz, Gun Instructor.

Weatherford, Texas Representative Phil King said that Texas generated over $24 million in profit off your right to bear arms last year. The Legislative Budget Board for the Lone Star State estimated that doing so would cost Texas more than $55 million during a two-year budget cycle.

The bill also waves fees, first time or renewal, for any Texas Justice Of the Peace. The bill won't go into effect until September 1st when Wichita Falls-born Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, sign it into law.