Olney High School students headed to Washington after winning aviation competition

Olney High School students headed to Washington after winning aviation competition

OLNEY, TX (KAUZ) - A group of high school students from Olney is headed to Washington state after winning a national competition.

It involved learning how to build and fly an airplane.

The team of four high school seniors started working on the project in February.

After several late nights and lunches spent building, planning, and flying, their hard work paid off.

Student Bryant Castro has always had a passion for airplanes.

"I always loved flying," said Castro. "I always thought it would be cool. When I was little I wanted to be a pilot.  I always thought piloting may be really just an awesome job."

An offer to take part in a competition allowed him to do that.

The "Build a Plane Aviation Challenge" is run through the General Aviation Manufactures Association and Build a Plane.

It offers a chance for high school students to build a virtual plane and fly it.

Each team was judged on the amount of cargo, length of flight, and amount of fuel burned.

Olney teacher Sabrina Laurent first learned about the program through a worker at Air Tractor.

As a Physics teacher, she wanted to get students involved in this project to give them a hands on experience.

"They came in at lunch, they came in after school, they came in on off periods, and we even met in the evenings," said Laurent.

They hit some challenges along the way.

"Once we were able to land the plane and they got the feel for that things just kept rolling," said Laurent.

It was this dedication that won the team first place.

Kodee Scott is one of the 2 girls on the team.

She was stunned when they won.

"I didn't actually believe him because he just kind of snuck it into his conversation," said Scott.

"I was really shocked and excited," said Michael Gomez, another student involved in the project.  "I didn't know what to think about it because we're just working on this every day I just couldn't believe it that we won."

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