Gnats worse than mosquitoes this summer

Gnats worse than mosquitoes this summer

Halfway through summer, a lack of mosquitoes has people in Wichita Falls noticing.

Mosquitoes are down this summer despite being a quarter of an inch above average on rainfall for the summer so you'd think mosquitoes would be an issue.

But Wichita Falls Environmental Health Administrator Susan Morris and manager of Shoop's Termite and Pest Control, David Shoop Junior, say treatments and spraying in the spring have helped tremendously.

Shoop says there was a high demand for treating yards in the spring but they've seen a significant drop off in the past month or two.

Now gnats have become the bigger issue.

Not only do you have to treat gnats differently, you also have to protect yourself differently compared to mosquitoes..

"The stuff in OFF and regular mosquito sprays, it just doesn't repel them. They do have repellents for gnats but you have to go out and specifically buy a gnat repellant," says Shoop.

Based off of previous years, another breed of mosquitoes is expected to move in during September and Shoop expects mosquito treatments to rise during that time

Even though mosquitoes are down now, they are still spraying to help keep the flying biting pests down.

Environmental Health Administrator Susan Morris says Wichita Falls residents have done a great job of removing water and objects that hold water in their yards to keep those mosquitoes from breeding.

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