Sizzling With 6: Chicken Solorzano's

Sizzling With 6: Chicken Solorzano's

Recipe Name: Chicken Solorzano's


1 Chicken Breast 
2 Chopped Shrimps 
1 Cup of Mushrooms 
1/2 Cup of Red and Green Bell Pepper
1 oz of Brandy 
1 Cup of Heavy Whipping Cream
1 Tea Spoon of Shallots 
1 oz of Marinara Sauce 
Salt and Pepper as needed


Warm up oil in skillet. Prepare chicken by slicing and pounding. Add a dash of salt and pepper. Coat chicken with flour. Cook on the skillet for about two minutes or until slightly brown. Add butter, shallots, bell peppers, mushrooms and shrimp to skillet and saute all together. Add brandy and a touch of marinara sauce. Cook for a few more minutes. Serve over your choice of pasta. Enjoy!

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