Texas governor suggests 'bathroom bill' not coming back

Texas governor suggests 'bathroom bill' not coming back

Associated Press

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he revived a "bathroom bill" targeting transgender people even though he was told it would never get a vote in the GOP-controlled state House

He also signaled Wednesday that the issue was dead for the foreseeable future.

A proposal requiring transgender Texans to use public restrooms according to the gender on their birth certificates fizzled Tuesday night, when lawmakers quit a day early a month-long special legislative session Abbott convened.

Abbott blamed moderate Republican House Speaker Joe Straus. But he also admitted that Straus told him even before the special session that he would not bring the bill to the floor of his chamber.

Abbott also suggested the issue will never pass as long as Straus is speaker - something unlikely to change soon.

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