License to carry course teaches more than proper gun handling

License to carry course teaches more than proper gun handling

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Before you can legally carry a gun in Texas, you have to take a class first.

Chris Reitsma has been teaching license to carry classes at CHP Point Blank for nine years now.

During that time, he has seen hundreds of people come in to get their license to carry.

"It's just the world we live in," said Reitsma.  "The things that take place now a days more and more people are just wanting to be able to protect themselves."

The six hour class doesn't just teach how to use a handgun.

It teaches how to be safe, and Texas gun laws.

It covers everything from where you can carry, to using it for self defense.

Heather Reitsma teaches a women's class at Point Blank.

She said, it's about preparedness.

"How often is it that we get out of work and at the end of the day and we are headed to the grocery store or picking up kids or hauling off kids and we're often by ourselves doing those chores," said Heather Reitsma.  "Anything can happen at the drop of a hat."

Taking the class is the first step to getting your LTC.

Once you finish the class, it's off to the firing range to practice what you're taught.

If you pass, you'll get a certificate that you will add to your application for your license.

Heather Reitsma says more people should take the course.

"Being in class also shows you to be aware of your surroundings," said Reitsma.

The Reitsma's hope to see their classes grow in the future.

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