Squirrels rescued from Harvey sent to Wichita Falls

Squirrels rescued from Harvey sent to Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - More than 300 baby squirrels were brought to the Austin Wildlife Rescue after Harvey caused mass flooding across Southeast Texas.

Kemp Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release Inc. in Wichita Falls and Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Amarillo decided to help out. Together they are taking care of 73 squirrels.

"This little guy this size is going to be fed every three hours. a three-month commitment because he's about a month old, but that's ok, they're worth it," Mary Kemp said.

Kemp is the Executive Director and founder of Kemp Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release Inc.

"In 2002 I started mammal rehabilitation just because they suffer. We all suffer the same. They cry. People don't know that," Kemp said.

She said many of the squirrels were likely found blown out of the trees, or in the flood waters.

"People doing good took the time out of their own personal crisis to take these babies out of the water and get them to safety," Kemp said, "and now they are here in Wichita Falls and they're going to be raised and released."

She started Kemp Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release to save all animals in need.

"I've always helped animals in one way or another and I just chose wildlife," Kemp said.

It doesn't matter if they lost their home in a hurricane or if they were just separated from their mom here in Texoma.

"To me and that's just my philosophy all animals have equal value because they are made by our creator," Kemp said.

Wednesday on Facebook the Austin Wildlife Rescue thanked Wichita Falls and Amarillo for taking in 73 squirrels and providing the transport.

"We're just trying to do our part," Kemp said. "They just learn to trust you and there's a bond that comes and you have to respect the wild in them enough to let them be wild and not make them pets and that's hard, but it's for their best interest."

They are still asking for these donations to help take care of the baby squirrels and all the animals they take care of.

"Basically this year we've been blessed by the community to not really have to buy things out of our pocket. We're wanting to expand I just bought a building, but I don't have it wired yet," Kemp said.

Money donations and small items can be donated to Kemp Wildlife Rehabilitation Inc. P.O. Box 9817, Wichita Falls, TX, 76310. They also have more information on their Facebook page.

There they wrote, "We are dedicated to around the clock feedings, but need help with these supplies as we take funds from our own pockets. Please consider helping us care for these orphans by donating off of our Amazon Wish list or pay pal."

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