Wichita Co. 30th District Court Profile: Jeff McKnight

Wichita Co. 30th District Court Profile: Jeff McKnight
Updated: Feb. 21, 2018 at 1:00 PM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Jeff McKnight is a former prosecutor and now has his own law practice in Wichita County for criminal defense, family law, and civil litigation.

He thinks his experience in all aspects of the law makes him the best candidate for 30th District Court Judge.

"In the 30th District Court the judge may hear a family law case in the morning, a civil law case in the afternoon, and a criminal case later in the afternoon," McKnight said. "I have sat at virtually every single seat in the courtroom absent the judge's seat."

Judge Bob Brotherton has held the position for 29 years. McKnight said if elected, he will show the same judicial temperament.

"He has shown the ability to say this is how we're going to do this, this is the law, these are the facts, and this is the outcome," McKnight said.

His opponent, Assistant District Attorney Dobie Kosub, said McKnight lacks experience in front of a jury. McKnight disagrees.

"I've stood before 62 jurys in my career," McKnight said. "I've stood before jurys in civil cases, I've stood before jurys in family law cases, and I've stood before jurys in criminal law cases."

He thinks Kosub's lack of experience in all areas of the law doesn't make him as qualified.

"68 percent, that's more than two-thirds of the court's docket that is in family law and civil law," McKnight said. "I'm the only candidate in this race that has experience in those two areas of the law. I believe that I'm the candidate that's ready to do that on day one, take over 100 percent of the docket."

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